Pictures of Psoriasis on the Fingers

Pictures of psoraisis on the fingers show how painful this disease is.  It tends to develop on the knuckles, where the sores can crack open and bleed every time you use your hands.  Like psoriasis on the hands and feet, it is considered severe.

If you think the rash on your fingers is psoriasis, then look at these pictures to compare them.  You also will want to visit a doctor to rule out anything else and get treatment options.

Here are some pictures of psoriasis on the fingers.

psoriasis on fingers

This one does not have scaling on the lesions yet.  You can see some yellowing of the fingernails.  This picture is from HardinMD.

pictures of psoriasis on fingersThis picture show psoriasis on the fingertips.  The patient described it as very painful.  You can read more about this case here.

finger psoriasis

Another picture showing psoriasis on the knuckles and fingers.  This photo is from

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