Pictures of Psoriasis on the Feet

Like hand psoriasis, pictures of psoriasis on the feet often show that the nails are affected as well.  Foot psoriasis can also be extremely painful.  In some cases, the pain of shoes rubbing against the sores can make it difficult to walk.

It can look different from person to person, depending on how severe of a case you have.  So, here are some different pictures of psoriasis on the feet.

pictures of psoriasis on the feetThis picture shows something called hyperkeratosis, which is thickening of the skin.  In order to treat this type effectively, you often have to remove some of the thickened skin to allow the medicine to penetrate.  This picture is from

foot psoriasisHere is another view of foot psoriasis.  Psoriasis on the feet is usually considered severe because it interferes with daily life.  This picture is from TalkPsoriasis.

psoriasis on feet

This one shows guttate psoriasis.  It also looks like the little toenail is starting to be affected as well.  This picture is from Hardin MD.

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