Pictures of Psoriasis on the Elbow

Pictures of psoriasis on the elbow seem to be very common.  You can find them in any search on pictures of psoriasis.  Usually, you will find plaque psoriasis covering that area of the body.  The skin may also start to thicken.

Here are some pictures of psoriasis on the elbow…

pictures of psoriasis on elbow

This looks like plaque psoriasis.  Photo from eHow.

psoriasis on elbow

Here is a large plaque on the elbow.  Photo from the National Psoriasis Foundation 2010.

elbow psoriasis picture

This one was interesting as it was from a study on the effectiveness of zinc pyrithione on psoriasis.  However, the drug used has been withdrawn because of questions over safety.  You can read more about that study here.

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