Pictures of Psoriasis and Eczema

Many people like to see pictures of psoriasis and eczema together so they can compare the two.  Like many skin rashes, it can be hard to tell the difference without an untrained eye.  However, psoriasis does develop silvery scaling in many cases. It also tends to be slightly raised up.  Plus, eczema is generally caused by allergies, while psoriasis has genetic components.  Psoriasis can also be expressed as pain in the joints.

Here are pictures of both psoriasis and eczema so you can see for yourself.

Eczema picture on leg:

eczema leg

Psoriasis on the leg:

psoriasis leg

Please note, while I was searching through pictures of psoriasis and eczema,  I’ve noticed that a lot of photos are incorrectly labeled.  So make sure you are looking at pictures from medical or government sites whenever possible.  Also, always seek a dermatologists opinion.  General practitioners don’t necessarily have the experience to tell the difference between some similar forms of skin conditions (at least, that was my experience.)  Most of the pictures I use on this blog are from these sorts of sites, and I link to them whenever I can.   This photo is from Languna Skin Center.

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