Guttate Psoriasis Pictures in Infants

Guttate psoriasis afflicts infants, children, and young adults more than anyone else.  This type of psoriasis usually looks like small red dots covering the torso on the front and the back.  It can also spread to the arms, legs, and face.

It usually starts after a strep infection.  It is very rare, but appears rapidly once it starts.

Here are some pictures I was able to find:

guttate psoriasis in infants

Here’s one on the face:

guttate psoriasis pictures in infants

Psoriatic Arthritis Pictures

One complication of psoriasis is that you can also get psoriatic arthritis.  This is where the joints start to swell.  This condition can be very painful and hard to treat.  If you think that this is happening to you, take a look at these psoriatic arthritis pictures and talk to your doctor.

This picture is from John Hopkins Arthritis Center.  It shows a more advanced case.

psoriatic arthritis

You generally will see a psoriasis rash and psoriasis in the nails along with psoriatic arthritis.  This next picture is from Hardin MD.

psoriatic arthritis picture

Finally, this x-ray is also from John Hopkins.

psoriatic arthritis xray

Pictures of Psoriasis on Arms

Pictures of psoriasis on arms are also easy to find.  However, I’ve seen some labeled as pictures of psoriasis, and the same picture on another site is labeled a picture of eczema!  So I dug through to find some legitimate pictures of psoriasis on arms to show you.

The first photo comes from the NIH website, which is a government site.  So I’m reasonably certain it is a picture of psoriasis…

pictures of psoriasis on arms

This next picture is from Medline, a medical site.  The article talks about psoriatic arthritis, but the picture show psoriasis on the arm and nail…

psoriasis on arm

I also like to use pictures from people who are talking about their psoriasis journey.  These are people who have gotten a doctor’s diagnosis, so the photos they take are really of the disorder.  Plus, the stories they tell can help give you hope.  Here’s a girl’s story from Hubpages and her photo.

arm psoriasis