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Psoriatic Arthritis Pictures

One complication of psoriasis is that you can also get psoriatic arthritis.  This is where the joints start to swell.  This condition can be very painful and hard to treat.  If you think that this is happening to you, take a look at these psoriatic arthritis pictures and talk to your doctor. This picture is […]


Pictures of Psoriasis on the Nails

When you have psoriasis, you’ll often look for pictures of psoriasis on the nails.  These pictures can help you figure out if the yellowing nails are a fungal infection, or if you have psoriasis in them. Here are some pictures of psoriasis on the nails… These two pictures are both from Hardin MD.  They did […]


Pictures of Psoriasis on the Fingers

Pictures of psoraisis on the fingers show how painful this disease is.  It tends to develop on the knuckles, where the sores can crack open and bleed every time you use your hands.  Like psoriasis on the hands and feet, it is considered severe. If you think the rash on your fingers is psoriasis, then […]