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Guttate Psoriasis Pictures in Infants

Guttate psoriasis afflicts infants, children, and young adults more than anyone else.  This type of psoriasis usually looks like small red dots covering the torso on the front and the back.  It can also spread to the arms, legs, and face. It usually starts after a strep infection.  It is very rare, but appears rapidly […]


Pictures of Psoriasis in Children

It’s always heartbreaking to look at pictures of psoriasis in children.  Most of the time children will get guttate psoriasis.  One of the reasons I started this site was my son was suspected to have psoriasis at one time.  It turned out to be impetigo in his case, but it was very frustrating to go […]


Guttate Psoriasis Pictures

Guttate psoriasis pictures indicate that the problem looks more like small, red tearshaped drops more than anything else.  Guttate psoriasis is more likely to affect young children and adults under 30. It’s thought to be an inherited condition. It usually first appears after the outbreak of an infectious disease, like strep.  People with a weakened […]