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Psoriatic Arthritis Pictures

One complication of psoriasis is that you can also get psoriatic arthritis.  This is where the joints start to swell.  This condition can be very painful and hard to treat.  If you think that this is happening to you, take a look at these psoriatic arthritis pictures and talk to your doctor. This picture is […]


Pictures of Psoriasis on Arms

Pictures of psoriasis on arms are also easy to find.  However, I’ve seen some labeled as pictures of psoriasis, and the same picture on another site is labeled a picture of eczema!  So I dug through to find some legitimate pictures of psoriasis on arms to show you. The first photo comes from the NIH […]


Pictures of Psoriasis and Eczema

Many people like to see pictures of psoriasis and eczema together so they can compare the two.  Like many skin rashes, it can be hard to tell the difference without an untrained eye.  However, psoriasis does develop silvery scaling in many cases. It also tends to be slightly raised up.  Plus, eczema is generally caused […]